Monday, June 12, 2006

John is Back

Marty,back after a little hiatus which while not totally voluntary was refreshing. I never stopped checking the site and so here are some comments re some recent postings.

(1) re lady slipper orchids-- Lanark Ont, about 25 miles-oops 40 kms-- from Ottawa is the home of the largest collection of these lovely flowers in Canada. The site was originally part of a farm but when the farmer saw what was happening in a ravine on his property that was not at all arable , he deeded it to the province and it is now the Purdon Conservation Property, with more than 16,000 plants (all lady slipper orchids) blooming at the end of June. Last year the locals organized the first ever festival and it is continuing this year.For more info your subscribers can go to

(2) The late Frank Munro , who many Parkers will remember as the premier Insurance salesman in The Park for many years is being inducted into the Point St Charles hall of fame in Sept. What many may not know was that Frank was also one of the great Park volunteers as well. If you needed some help or wanted something, done Frank was there.

One of his many significant accomplishments was organizing the annual New Years Eve party for the residents at the St Anne de Bellevue Veterans Hospital. He also lead a group called "The Bunkhouse Boys" which staged many fund-raising events during WWII and on one occasion drew a crowd of 4,500 people.

Perhaps what is not as well known is that his brother William hosted a children's amateur show every Sat morning from the studios of radio station CKVL (850 AM on the dial) a truly bilingual station in Verdun. The show was titled "Call Me Uncle" . For more info go to

(3) John Riley's note about John Rosevear brought back some very pleasant memories (a) as our grade 11 physics teacher he had a very annoying habit of teaching ofttimes difficult theorems including writing the formula on the blackboard just as class was ending and then throwing the chalk in the air, catching it and then saying "there it is , relatively simple and straight forward".

(b) In May of 1960 I was hitchhiking out to the Pinegrove Golf Course in St Luc (an all Jewish Club which paid better than the Country Club of Montreal) to caddy for extra money for the Graduation Prom.

One afternoon John Rosevear approached me to see if I wanted to earn some extra money by helping him cut down a tree on his property in St Bruno. I jumped at the chance and on two successive days we worked after school and evenings and got the job done.

John drove me out and back home , provided dinner each day and then paid me the princely sum of $15.00 in those days, which together with my caddy money ensured that I could attend the prom and take my girlfriend to the Panorama Room of The Queen Elizabeth Hotel after the Prom Dance had ended.

That's it for now. John

Thanks John McC.
These stories bring back so many good memories.

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