Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Shamefull Past is catching up with me



Spring 1961 or 1962 one of the grade 1 or 2 classes had either a
temporary or stage teacher. This girl was about the closest copy of Marilyn
Monroe who was still alive back then. All the older boys would stand aside as she passed with their mouthes agape and drooling. Most of the male
teachers were also in awe (as I was later told). She was enough to drive them
to challenges or bets to get to date her.

A fine sunny Friday afternoon, the teacher (blonde bombshell) left the
school by the Fairfield door to get a bus home. Sitting there on
Fairfield was Sir Galahad (student/ Marston) with a borrowed Cadillac convertible car, which had been polished to a brilliant sheen. Marston was all spiffied
up, (probably some of our sample Brylcream). You could smell the after
shave lotion and deodorant from here. The fumes were dizzying. Well Marston
said sweet nothings to her, Oh my gosh - she slid right in next to him, jaws
dropped, off they went.

The next time we were at the smoking tree on Springfield for school,
Marston was holding audiences, signing autographs, and he was about 10 feet
tall, walking on the clouds. He was the cock of the walk. What was her name
Marston? At the 1988 school reunion, one of our glorious teachers
Mr.???? Baker our Literature instuctor, way back when, singled me out, as he
knew we were thicker than thieves back then.

Mr. Baker brought the topic about
the student teacher. He was still mumbling and tongue tied, smacking his
lips about her beauty, shuddering, almost having to knock his knees together
referring to her as "oh what a magnificent slab of beef".


Thanks Richard, that's Ok I'm still in the dog house for forgetting our 35th anniversary, I might as well go for broke now. Her name was Elaine MacKenzie and lived in TMR.

Thanks to Charlie Banning for letting me use his 1957 Cadilac Convertable whenever I wanted. He had the finest looking wife (Anita?) and had no need for the cruising wagon anymore.

I wonder if Elaine would go to jail for me today. Furlou waited 7 years for his teacher.

She was my brothers subsitute teacher if anyone cares. Those were the days.

Well what's next from the Park Hemingway writer?? I think the dates may be in question as I would have been a 19 year old 10th grade student. Hmmm that may be possible. That's may be why I,m so smart since I spent 2 years in each class to get it right.

Good bye folks I might not survive the next day or so...

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