Friday, June 16, 2006

News and a Question for John Riley from Ralph Bennet


Hi Marty,
Just got back from a mini golf weekend in the Ottawa Area. Sunday we played at The Perth Golf Course that is owned by a friend of mine and Monday we played at The Mississippi. Great time.

Just catching up and noticed a couple of things..... Is the House numbered 535 the home of Steve and Alison Messner on Fairfield before they moved to Devonshire & 3rd ( James Davis and Victoria now) ?? Steve was at the reunion.

I also noticed a posting by Elaine Elkerton. When I finished grade 7 I was awarded a Scholarship . It was the William " Billy " Elkerton Memorial Scholarship in memory of , I think, Elaines brother??? All I remember was that it was for the princely sum of $10 which in the 1950's was big money. I think it covered school fees for grade 8 or something. I think I also remember Mr Elkerton being quite active in the school board along with John Shrimpton, Jack Woodall, and others.

Thanks Ralph B.

Hi Marston,Ralph's guess was correct.John

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