Monday, June 26, 2006

Prairie Moments

Hi Marston
Really enjoyed your pictures from the fishing derby, hope you struck it rich.. Loved the shots of the turkey vultures, natures garburators. Thought you would like to know even when we don't have pictures to send in, we still enjoy reading what you and others put there.
We have been having unusual amounts of rain which has turned the country side green as Ireland. Here are a few pictures of what it is doing to our garden. The boulder I placed a few weeks ago is not surounded with flowers and looking good. Other parts are in full bloom and even the cactus has yellow and red bloomsWhat a canadian garden be without an " Inoopckuk" and we thought if we painted the bird houses bright enough, we may get birds. No takers so far, can't understand it with the price of real estate..maybe next year..
Have a great week
Doug g

Thanks Doug..

I'm learning to see the things that are not obvious....

I still remember your advice

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