Monday, June 05, 2006

Service contract

Hi Marty,

Here is a true story that happened to me last Sunday.

Pat and I have an maintenance insurance policy with Direct Energy, our local natural gas supplier. They come each spring and fall to do general maintenance on the furnace.

Last Sunday the phone rings and, when I answer, it is a recorded message from Direct Energy. " It is time for your spring maintenance" the voice says. "If you would like to schedule an appointment please press 1"

"Pat", I say in a panic. "It's Direct Energy, when do you want to do the spring maintenance"? " I don't care", she says. So I press 1 and wait patiently on the line. Suddenly another recording comes on saying " Our business hours are Monday to Friday...... ?

"What"?.... the frigging idiots.........

Bob H

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