Saturday, June 03, 2006

Young Ladies Guess

Well I am sure we will enjoy our river cruise but I can assure you I will really miss the blog review daily.

My guess for the pictures would be that Lorna Garrett and either Margo or Penny Tomalty. In the first picture I think it looks like Margo but in the second picture I think it looks like Penny. Well I will have to remember to check back when I return.

Have some great weekends at the trailer park.

Bye for now

Hi Marty,

My guess at these young ladies are Barbara Bannister, Leah Laughlin, Heather Blain . The one with the bottle to her mouth I can't say !!


Picture 2 left to right..... Barbara Bannister, Leah Laughlin, Irene Highfield, Heather Blain.
I think Leah and Irene are in Picture 1 as well but I don't recognize the other 2.

Ralph B.

Hi Folks, good guesses.

Heather (Blain) Gibb sent these pics and the names in the top pic left to right are; Leah Laughlin, Penny Tomalty, Barbara Bannister, and the late Irene Highfield.

The next pic from left to right are; Barbara Bannister, Leah Laughlin, Irene Highfield and Heather Blain.

And of course Heather said they were using props..

Thanks Heather for the pics and the enjoyment these gave us.

Marty N.

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