Sunday, July 09, 2006

1960 Picture. Let's See if Anyone can get some names here

Hi Marston!

Hope you and your wife are enjoying the trailer park. Are you out of the doghouse yet?

I have attached another oldie but goldie. It was taken at Jimmy Small's going away party when he joined the Navy.

It would be nice if we could get more people from this era interested in the blog.

Let's see who recognizes the people in this picture.

Keep up your good work. Looking forward to meeting you in September at the reunion.

Take care

Norma Knight (Board)

Thanks Norma,

I got very good advice from an old friend ( A Women) that told me that it may look like I'm forgiven but on the next screw up, the missed anniversary will be brought up

Let's see who can name some of these folks????

Could it be Red Drummond in the back -- Neville Brerton in the tie -- to his right, standing -- Darrell Hollingdrake and Claude Desormeau. Sitting to Jimmy's right -- ?

Robert Knight and Norma Board.

George HollingdrakeHi Marty,

(1960) picture.

I think it's Donny Bremner in the tie and his wife Allie standing on the other side.Darrell Hollingdrake in the stripe dress and Claude Desermeaux partly seen behind her.Enid Jimmy's ex wife sitting to the left.I think who guessed Norma and Robert are right.
Ellen Stone

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