Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Hey Marty,

That picture of the Boxster with "WAS HIS" plate belongs to some woman down on Lakeshore. You would know the area where the picture was taken. It is down by the core where Lakeshore separates into two. Just East of Brant Street.

She used to have an SL500 Mercedes... guess she had to scale down after the divorce became final.

Pat and I do the garage sale thing and about 5 years ago some woman in Oakville was selling off all her husbands toys. Seems he dumped her for a younger one. Probably got two twenties for a Forty. She ran a big ad in the Burlington Post selling his clubs, his vette, his 4x4 etc, etc.

Man, you sure do not want to tick off the old lady after her putting up with all your dung, Huh.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

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