Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cat in the wall

I just had to share this with you.....Do you see the hole in the wall
where the brick is missing???

Well!!! I have been feeding a feral cat that lives in that hole in the
wall....see how that cat looks at my dog Daisy and me when we come down
the back stairs.

I named the cat "Spring" as that's when I first found out after trying
to put the brick back in the hole she was living in that hole in the
A month later I found out she had 3 little kittens also living in that
hole in the wall, I now feed her every day. The other day from the
Salvation Army I bought her a little glass cat bowl for her to eat
The kittens are now coming out also to eat and play, sad to say them
arejust like her you can't get near them.

Oh! For my dog, Miss Daisy...I did buy her a white scarf with red maple
leaves to wear at the Canada Day celebrations.

Hope you all enjoyed Canada Day.


Thanks Bev,
Very kind of you to take care of these animals

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