Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home pic 951


Hi Marty,
Re: the location of photo 951 on the corner of Maple & FairfieldMy memories of this spot go back to the mid 1950s. At that time, that corner was still the site of an old town building.(originally the town stables, I believe) It was a very dark corner with houses on one side of the street,but none on the other side - just fields & a lot of bushes.

(Man, am Idating myself!) Living on Third St., but having cousins & friends onFairfield Ave., I would often head over there to hang out after supper. When by chance I had to walk home alone, this was always the scariest spot for me.

I remember that I would walk up Fairfield to about Swinwood's house & then I'd take off in a mad run. I wouldn't stop running until I was along Maple & on to Springfield. I'm not sure what I thought was lurking in the darkness, but through the eyes of a young girl, it was a very spooky corner. I wonder if anyone else ever felt scared at that corner.

By the way, some ofmy friends on Fairfield were Ralph & Earl Hewitt, Bill Black & LeslieBarker. Does anyone know where they are now? (I noticed that someone thought that Leslie might be in Ontario.) One other memory that I have of those times is the town imposing a 9:00pm curfew. Anyone remember that?

I think it might be time for me to make a trip back to the Park as I noticed that some of the buildings shown in the Canada Day photos are completely unknown to me. Time sure brings about a lot of changes. Keep up the good work. It's great to see photos of the Park, both past & present & it certainly helps to rekindle old friendships.

Take care.Wendy Wilson (Board)

Thanks Wendy but it's John R. that is bringing the Park to us. He has taken a lot of pics of the Park and it's people to make us feel like we are back there. I will go back later this summer and maybe we can all get together..


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