Saturday, July 29, 2006

The One With The Most Toys Wins

New 47 foot water toy...
Party Room Exterior

Party Room (Capacity 750 People)

The saying goes "He who dies with the most toys wins"... Well I found the winner and he's not dead.

This is our RV neighbor son's home in a town not too far from here. He lives in a new subdivision with maybe 12 homes all about 15,000 square feet each.

This young man bought the 30 acres behind his home so he could have his gentleman's farm behind his home.

I took a few pics but I was amazed at the things he has around the property. Along with his new boat he has 4 jet skies, another 30 foot Sport boat, and there are 4 wheelers everywhere and a barn with about 6 snowmobiles in it with a football size room full of hay.

His father sarted him in business 6 years ago and he has been very successful and is very generous with his parents.

Wait until you see some of the animals he has on this farm.


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