Saturday, July 01, 2006

Prairie Moments

Happy Canada Day, People!

From this part of the Greatest country, we had a real garbage can shaker this morning to bring in July 1 St..
WInds up to 110 Km ( 70 miles phr) last night with torential rain. That got our attention.
Took my trusty "3 feet above the ground" vehicle at 6.00 am this morning to see what everything looked like. Lots of big branches down water running high under the bridges but our flowers looked good still..

When I got to " kinCooley" Park this morning the revalors were already at it . Having put their blown over tents and shelters back up, early hungry people began showing up for free flap jacks and weiners covered with maple syrup and butter, while the local cowboy music bands twanged out their share of syrupy heart breakers.

Thats the way its done in " Albert- I- A. So keep your powder dry, your ear to the ground, your hand on the plow,your shoulder to the wheel and your eye on sky and you should look some pitiful by this time next year
Have a good one
Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

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