Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Requested GPK Home Pics


999 The house next to Johnson's Store possibly built by Mr. Burnett. The Menary family also lived in the house in the last 15 years. It was recently renovated.

1000 The house on Maple that matches the address given by I believe Wendy Filiatrault.

1001 The home of Hank and Nancie Kane on Vivian St. Mrs. Kane wanted to see her old house mainly to see if the tree she planted there many years ago had survived. Obviously it has.

1002 The Burnett home on Chambly St. located next door to Brossard Bagels.

1003 The Haliday home on Chambly St.

1004 The Breed family home on Chambly St.

Thanks John R.

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