Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coote Family Photos

Here are three photos scanned and loaned to me by Debbie Coote from her
parents' family photos. I am extremely grateful for her effort.

The Coote family lived at 24 Campbell, now 698, between Emborne and
from 1913 onward. Stanley I. Coote was mayor for a long period in the
During that time he ran a garage on St. Denis St. in St. Lambert and
Greenfield Park toward modernization by getting rid of horses and
that were previously used by the roads department to plow the streets
winter and repair them in the spring. He also tried to improve the
roads by
having crushed and broken bricks brought from Laprairie to fill in the
spots on the town's streets.

#1 Coote's Garage truck, a 1929 Packard photo taken in 1931. It was
converted from a taxi to a towtruck. Its back seat caught fire from a
cigarette. Notice the telephone number.

#2 The Big Creek that crossed Campbell, Miller, Regent, Murray and
Devonshire. This view is beside the Coote home on Campbell Ave.

#3 Mayor Stanley Coote with his dog called Puppy.

#4 Stanley Coote's house at 24 Campbell taken in 1913.

I hope everyone will be as helpful as Debbie in finding interesting
photos for the book of GFPK photos that the Historical Society hopes to have
ready in less than two years.

Thanks John R.

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