Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hole in the wall cats


Update on the cats that live in the hole in the wall.

The mother cat along with her 3 kittens disappeared for about 3 days,
just 2 kittens returned to the hole in the wall and have been living
alone there for about 3 weeks.

For the last two weeks every morning they now climb up a few back
waiting for me to come out with their food.
When they see me they run down, just giving me a feeble meow. Sad but
they still don't really trust me.

P8150050...Look cute but, still won't give me permission to come close.

P8150052...I do now feed them every day, a few of my friends have also
donated cat food.

P8160062...They now early in the morning run up and down the stairs
the see me at the door.

I must say my Miss Daisy is not real happy about the whole thing.


Thanks Bev. V.

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