Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home Pic 966 Infor.

With regard to pic 966, 694 Miller.The 1948 street directory says that that #24 Miller was a Charles Dossett.In 48 it was purchased by Evelyn & Alec McLean.

They had 3 kids while they were there.Susan (48), Jimmy (50?) and Patricia.What I remember about that house is that it had a hand pump at the kitchen sink as the well was in the basement. It also had a varanda across the front with a roof.

They lived in that house until 56 and moved to St Hilaire. The only one that I know of who may remember the McLeans would be Dave Went.

The senior McLeans live in Skaneateles NY. I believe that Susan is in Dartmouth. Jimmy is in Atlanta and has a landscaping business. Just ask for big Jim Mclean.

Alec worked at Ogilvy Flour as I remember all the free Twinkle cake mixes and went on to run Bethlehem Steel.We lived across the street at 705 Miller.After 56, I don't recall who lived there.

David Walsh

Thanks for the infor. Dave W.

In the late 1950's 694 Miller was a Montreal Gazette customer of mine " The Everitt's ". I remember because they were one of my cherished " 50 cent " Customers. If I remenber it was almost directly across from Dave Walsh's house.

Thanks Ralph B..

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