Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home pics from around the park (July25)


954 271 Vercheres The Park's great figure skating coach lives here now

956 283 Vercheres Does anyone know who lived here???

Thanks John R.

I was just looking at the pics of the homes posted by John Riley on July 25th. My brother bought (picture 954) #271 Vercheres back in the late 60's and renovated the place and lived there for a while until he bought and moved to the Lawlor house on Elm street. The # 283 Vercheres (picture 956) is still owned by France Boivin family. Listed on CANADA 411. They were friends of my parents and cousins of my Aunt Marcelle Boivin who lives in Lemoyne. I remember the 2 kids were 5-6 years old when they moved in back in the 70's and the last time I saw them they were in their early twenties. Ivan

Thanks Ivan R.

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