Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ivan R Holiday Pics

# 001

Now the holidays are over and I have a months work ahead of me to clean
the mess that everyone does for me whilst I'm away.

Here are a few more holiday pictures. Went to Kingston ON. My
brother-in-law bought a Condo there right on the water. He brought his
boat up from the Mimico Yacht club in TO. Says he hates the Condo life.
His wife likes it though. She calls the shots.

The Saturday we were there the weather was not so nice. We went to
Gananoque anyway.
005 = Condo and dock downtown Kingston (tough eh)
004 = Thousand islands (interesting cottage)
002 = Thousand islands
008 = Ganaonoque Inn Dock. Getting off the boat for lunch
007 = Ganonoque Inn

next day
003 + 002 Intersting vehicule
001 = more interesting vehicule ( Kingston Brewery Promo Truck)

See you soon


Thanks for sharing these with us Ivan R.
It's great to see familiar parts of Canada that I miss...

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