Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hi Marty,

A funny but true story; As you know our son Jason converted to Islam and married a Packistani Muslim girl named Muneeba.

Well Brad, our oldest, has 2 children Jack 5 and Abby 3. At first Abby had trouble with Muneeba's name but has now mastered it.

The last couple of weeks Jack has been attending Summer Bible camp at the Baptist Church next door to their place. The kids are agnostics but the church is convenient and they wanted him to learn about religion.

Every day the school would give the kids a key phrase containing the name Jesus and, when the phrase was shouted out, the kids would jump up, throw their arms in the air and yell "VIVA". Every day Abby would go with her mom (Tracy) to pick up Jack.

The other day Tracy was trying to get Jacks attention but to no avail, so she thought I'll try a key phrase, so she yelled "Jack... Jesus Loves You". Jack didn't budge. However Abby jumped up, threw her arms in the air and yelled... "Muneeba"

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

It's fun to hear what kids say

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