Thursday, August 10, 2006

Message from Mrs. Richard Hemingway

By the way, Richard's big red mower just "sh#t the bed" ! (and I mean big - it has a 6 foot wide cut. It was one used on the golf course before.)
It does turn on a dime, but I don't know what happens when it gets near to my flowers. It loses it's mind. Anyhow, fortunately for Richard, unfortunately for me, he found another second hand engine that he is having put in right now.

You were joking about getting Richard to mow down your flower to make it more challenging for me to identify - believe me, I can recognize anything that Richard has mowed and mutilated. I have had lots of experience. And if he doesn't mow them he tries to cover them with grass cuttings that he accumulates as he drives around and then blasts them all in the same place hoping I won't notice that flowers are buried under them.

I could write a few stories myself! Take care Marston. Keep up the good work on your blog.
From: Mrs. Richard Hemingway.

Thanks Magaret for the kind words..

All encouragement helps

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