Sunday, August 27, 2006

Name this Bird of Prey (Revised)

Hi Marston,

I know I sort of dropped out of sight over the summer and haven't been
sending in any postcards. Once the kids finished with school, we were
outta here.

Had a wonderful summer and did many marvelous things.

I have been checking in on the blog every few days. It really is a
Nice little site.

Anyhow, I have been following your "Guess the Bird" game and I was
wondering if you would like this fellow. I took his picture about 2
weeks ago soaring over the camp road.

Probably an easy one, but here he is none the less

Keep up the excellent work

Sherri Thompson

Thanks Sherri,

Good to have you back, let's see who can guess this one. Ed B. is pretty good at it.

Marty N.

Hi Marty, and Hello to Sherri T.

It is nice to see more women on the Blog. Sherri has produced a good image of what I believe is a soaring Osprey. I can imagine her dropping like a bolt from the sky and hitting the water with a flash then rising slowly with laboured wing beats against the weight of a large glistening fish. This is not an uncommon sight in lake country yet exciting none the less.I say she because there seems to be a hint of a necklace on this bird which would mark it as female.By the way, I'm no ornithologist,just an interested amateur satisfying my curiosity.There are interesting details given at the attachedlink.

By the way, the answer to the bird is:
It is an immature bald eagle. Can be tricky cause he look a bit like a
hawk, but the park naturalist assures me that it is a young bald eagle,
probably under 3 years old. You can identify them by the white patches
I have a couple others, not exotic ones, but birds we have seen this
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Thanks for your participation

Your responder may be correct.
I was looking at the All About Birds site as well and they have a
picture of an immature bald eagle and the coloring in not the same. After
comparing the picture of the eagle and the osprey, I believe it is an
The naturalist at the park was a nice fellow, but not an expert in
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Thanks Sherri

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