Monday, August 21, 2006

New Birds to Area (Answered)

By the way, last week I took this picture of a couple of birds in my tree that I have NEVER seen here before. I haven't a clue what they are, anybody know?? FLO

....maybe Bob sent them.....

Thanks Flo H.

The 2 birds are in the center of the picture.

Maybe a Finch. Can anyone indentify them?

The yellow and black birds in Flo’s pictures are Finches. They hang out by the dozen in my feeders in the front yard. Put out a tubular feeder with Niger seed in it and they will hang upside down whilst they feed. Otherwise an ordinary feeder with SunFlower seeds will do. Once they appear , these criters are around all the time, winter included. I’ll try to get a picture of my flock ASAP

Thanks Ivan R. That was my guess but I think Ed B. has the right one

Hey, Marty those little guys look a lot like Acadian Flycatchers.
They can be welcome guests feeding on annoying bugs as they do.

Click on the link below... for more infor.

Thanks Ed B.

Hi Flo, I think Ed B. has the right name for your birds..


You guys are great. Congrats to Ed, Flycatcher it is. I found a book which shows a Cordilleron Flycatcher, very similar to the Acadian, but more likely to show up in southwestern Canada (not sure how they ended up in Prince George though - must be our extremely hot, dry summer).

Thanks for the neat website too :) FLO

Thanks for the compliment. The blog is ours and it is fun because of the contributors..
Marty N.

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