Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nona Bullett honored

Here is an article written about a dear friend who passed away last month. Nona and Chuck Bullett were to go to Las Vegas with us on October 28th. Nona died suddenly and will be truly missed by all who knew her.

Bob H

Hello everybody, This article appeared in our local newspaper yesterday,Saturday, August 5th. I thought that you all might like tosee it. We are all trying to cope with our day to day lives, butit is not easy. She was such a big part of our everydaylives that we still keep thinking that she will answer thephone when we call over to their house. Terri & I went to see our family doctor and we told herwhat happened with my mother. The doctor had her owntheories on what it might be, but until we get the autopsyresults, we still don't know anything. She gave us allsomething to help us sleep (even my dad). He said that lastnight he was able to get 5 hours straight. The days kind ofrun into each other and I just keep reminding myself to putone foot in front of the other and just keep moving, butsome days are much harder than others. Emily has been doingok. She is so sensitive to everything going on around her. When she sees my dad crying, she will go right over to himand hug him and tell him that everything will be ok. I will let you all know as soon as we hear anything fromthe hospital. Thank you all for the support that you haveshown us all. I will be in touch soon. Love, Kim

Nona Bullett honored with Health Ambassador of Canada award

Nona Bullett of Chateauguay, who died suddenly in St. Mary's Hospital on July 24, has been named 2006 Health Ambassador of Canada. She would have turned 61 on July 31, one month after taking retirement and one day before her 36th wedding anniversary. Exact cause of death was not known, pending results of an autopsy.The wife of long-time minor hockey referee and girls softball umpire Chuck Bullett; mother of three, and grandmother of nine, Nona is being recognized posthumously at a ceremony in Sherbrooke this October for being the most senior organ donor on record in Quebec and for being the only donor to have had so many organs used.

A phone call from Transplant Quebec last week nearly knocked family members off their chairs, according to Bullett's eldest child, 2006 Chateauguay alderman candidate Kim Bullett. "They successfully transplanted her heart, liver, kidneys and lungs," Kim disclosed. "Her aortic valve, adrenal gland and pancreas are being used for research. She helped save six lives."The six people whose lives she saved will also attend the ceremony in Sherbrooke where a plaque will be unveiled in Nona's name. Kim, brother Greg, sister Terri and their dad are all looking forward to meeting "the people who carry parts of my mom with them," Kim Bullett said.Following Nona's death, tributes streamed in from as far away as Edinburgh, Scotland.

Upon hearing of Nona's death, the Chateauguay Ladies Softball League - where she had played for many years - cancelled their slate of Tuesday night games on July 25 out of respect. Last Tuesday, following her team's contest at L├ęger Park, Nona was toasted by teammates and opponents alike. Players, who had nicknamed her "Grandma Dynamite," observed a moment of silence before each of their games. Chuck was presented with autographed softballs and some players pledged donations to the St. Mary's Hospital Foundation.Funeral services were held last Saturday at St. George's Anglican Church where various family members paid tribute to Nona with poems, stories and vivid descriptions of her life.

At the Alexandre Nicole Funeral Home last Friday night, lineups of visitors stretched out into the parking lot."Nothing will ever fill this deep, ugly hole I feel in my heart, but I take great comfort in knowing that she loved us all and that she knew that we loved her," Kim Bullet said. "The five of us have always been exceptionally close and not even this tragedy will change that."As for Chuck Bullett, he was still shaking his head in disbelief. "I am still hoping this is just a bad dream and that I'll wake up soon," he confided, sadly.Nona is also survived by eight brothers and sisters, and many nieces and nephews.

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