Monday, August 14, 2006


Just had to share this with you all; A Truly Canadian Teddy Bear.

Yesterday my friend Ria and I went to the "Trash 'N Treasures"
community yard sale in Colborne, Ont. What to my surprise!!!! I found
this little bear looking at me just wanting to come home to my little

I did not even try to fight (my teddy bear weakness) this little
Punkinhead was coming home with me. I asked the smiling gentleman from
India what he wanted for the bear, he said a $1.00.

Now this little Punkinhead the one who has a secret pocket in the side
of his tummy for candy or neat stuff to hide, is just like the one I
purchased from Eaton many years ago for my granddaughter Brittany. He
is not a mohair bear, not worth a fortune, but worth a bundle of great
memories to me. He is now living in Campbellford.

He is the one when you bought him from Eaton's that year you also got
A copy poster of the 3 Punkinhead's painted by the daughter of the
(famous Canadian artist) James Kristead.
All my Punkinhead's and my 2x3 foot framed poster remain in Georgia in
my little pad waiting for me to return for 6 months.

The first Punkinhead (The Sad Little Bear) was 2 feet tall, he made
His first appearance in 1947 in the Eaton's Christmas parade. The first
mohair Punkinhead was made by Merrythought of England. (Now a old one
can cost over $2,000)
I know.... did I really need him???....YES!!!!

How many remember Punkinhead and still may have one?
How many have a collection you can share and can relate to my

Life is good.
Hugs from me and my Canadian Punkinhead, enjoy your day.


Thanks Bev V.


evelynegill said...

my name is evelyne gill. iam lookin for a pumpkinhead bear.color-chestnut brown, yellow tummt, yellow straw hair & red shorts. dose anyone out there have this bear or knows where i can get one. it means alot cause my house was taken down & i could not go in to get the bear.

R. D. Shultz said...

I had one of these in the 50's and unfortunately mine was given away by a family member along with 2 beloved dolls. I am looking for one in good or better condition. The one that I had was skinner than the one I just saw on this sight.

bowler_girl99 said...

I have an original 1948 punkinhead for sale, he is wearing yellow trunks not red but he is in wonderful condition, he is valued at almost 5000 by the antique's roadshow, I will sell him for 1500 to whomever wants him. You can email me at


I was lucky enough to find the same cute little bear you have. He had been thrown in a box of toys at a Salvaltion Army store and I just had to save him and take him home with me. The staff at the store didn't know what they had and had only wanted $5.00 for him. I know he isn't worth $100's of dollars but he is worth a lot more then $5.00. I have a handful of Punkinhead dishs and cups which I also treasure. I am always on the lookout for any Punkinhead item.