Tuesday, August 15, 2006


HI Marty & Bev,

I do not have a collection of bears but boy do I remember Punkinhead. He was part of the Christmas tradition at Eaton's back when I was a kid.

How well I remember the days when Eaton's would decorate their front window, as did all the other department stores on St. Catherine St. My Mon would drag us all uptown, from where ever we lived at the time and we would stand in awe in front of each and every window.

Punkinhead always had a place of honour on a float at eh Santa Claus parade too.

When Brian and I were dating one of the things we would do was take my sister Karen to do the very same things. We were lucky to have a young one to do it with because it allowed us to relive out childhoods and not be laughed at by our peers for doing it.

Those were the days !!

Thanks Sandy R.

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