Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rainbow Lorikeet

Hi Marty...............Back a week or so there was a photo of a rainbow lorikeet on the blog. Sometime ago I was standing outside my car when I noticed this very unusual bird in a tree very close to me.....before I had a chance to really study the bird I beleive it's partner flew by and in a split second both birds were gone.....That bird has been on my mind and when I saw the blog photo of the rainbow lorikeet I would have to say it resembled the bird very closely. Would anyone know if this rare bird is found in southern Ontario or perhaps these two escaped from a cage!!

I really would like an answer, as this question is right up there with "Who killed Kennedy"..... wouldn't you agree??


Hi Win,

Maybe Ed B. might know if they could live here. They could have been someones pets that escaped. Let's see if someone can tell us something..

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