Friday, August 25, 2006

Rainbow Lorikeet

Hi Marty,

I would like to add my two cents to the discussion on rainbow lorikeets. This bird is native to Australia and parts of New Guinea. In Australia they are found on the eastern coastal fringe from Cape York at the top end and southward around the south coast as far west as the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. And yes some were introduced around Perth in West Australia.

They are primarily nectar feeding from the blossoms on the eucalyptus, melaleuca, grevillea, callistemon and some banksia trees and shrubs. However they also may attack introduced fruits.

Like many parrots they mate for life and hence the adults are invariably seen in pairs. They congregate in large flocks and are very noisy birds. They also have a distinctive flight pattern - darting at very high speeds.

I doubt that they would survive in the wild in Canada and most of USA due to the climate and absence of their required food sources. However they love our back garden and drive our cat crazy.

If any one would like to see a few more photos I will try to snap some.

Bob G

Thanks Bob G. and if you can snap some pics I'll post them..

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