Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reunion Information Request (7)

Hi Guys and Gals
By now you have already probably heard about the possible home coming to celebrate the 100 birthday of Greenfield Park in 2011. The Historical Society has asked me to provide them with an up dated listing of those whom we contacted in 1988.

I hope you all can get aboard and help us with this enormous task. If your name appears as a recipient I would like some more information regarding yourself and partner. The email addresses that I have compiled have come from many sources and this is the only way to verify the correctness of the information I have. The address will remain confidential with me unless you have no objection to sharing it with others. Please send your current home address, telephone number and email address for yourself and anyone you are still in contact with today.
The Bcc used insures confidentiality of the list, don’t be concerned about duplication as we will compile an up dated list from all sources. Below is a format that would be very helpful in compiling such a list:-

School Name (eg) Marion Ross_________________________

Married Name (eg) Miles_______________________________

Partners Name (eg) William “Bill” Jones___________________ full name with initial

Address (eg) 123 1st Ave NW___________________________

City (eg) Calgary______________________________________

Postal Code (eg) XXX XXX_____________________________

Telephone Number (O) _XXX-XXX-XXXX Ext 123___(H) xxx-xxx-xxxx__

E-mail (eg)

Please help me with the correct spelling of all persons.

N.B due to size of files I have split them as shown Alpha (A-B) etc and will send this same message to the rest.

Thanks for your help and support Harold Rye

Harold's E-mail is:

Thanks Harold..

I'll post it for a few days..



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