Monday, August 21, 2006

Schwartz's Deli in Montreal

Hi guys.

I was browsing through the blog and noticed the post from my dad about St-James church and thought I might share another historical site...Schwartz's Hebrew Delicatessen.

My dad use to tell me all about the world famous smoked meat from Schawrtz's and all the famous people who has hung out there for years. Well last week i went record shopping on St-Laurent and saw a massive line up on the street, and one of my best friends says ''hey guys look thats Schwarz's deli, the smoked meat in the world'' I right away replied with a '' great idea Danny ,anyone hungry?''

So we waited in line on the street as fellow French, German, Greek, Indian, Italian and anglo Montrealer's all chatter away about story's of the place and other world famous experiences, what they did today and where there going next. We got called out by a guy wearing white ''T'' and black pants and apron and said '' four? right hear''.

We sat, rushed to a table to sit sharing with German tourists and French older couple a table for twelve stuck up against this old wall covered in old pictures of famous people. Black cherry soft drink, medium cut smoked meat sandwich in hand and ten minutes latter it's all over... What a humbling short and awesome experience... Only in Montreal...

Just thought I should share the moment with you guys, look it up if your in town,
these are only pictures from there web site.

Kevin D. Rhoades

Thanks for the memories Kevin

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