Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What are these flowers?? (003)

What are these Left and Right?

Hi Marty,

The flowers in today picture are , the tall one in the center is called sedum & the smaller ones in the forground could be hens & chickens ???

Further to Ivan's Storm damage, the maples he refers to that were in front of the Greenberg
houses were indeed a pain in the sewer system. When Brian and I were renting my Dads place on Fairfield the maple had to come down because our basement was flooded with sewage. Not pretty . That was back somewhere between 1970 & 1974. It was ad to see the tress go one by one. It left the fronts of those houses looking pretty bare.

Hope everyone escaped with little damage from all the recent storms. It sure has been wicked. Wednesday night there were tornadoes that went through the Haliburton area and they are saying some cottage areas will be without power for 4-6 weeks. Good thing we are a hardy bunch.

Stay cool folks

Good Monday Morning Marston,The days are flying much too quickly. Soon enough our flowers will be under that cold white stuff. Your flower on the left looks like "Lavender" and "Sedum" on the right. And no, I don't have a book, but I did work in a Greenhouse for about 10 years.

Also a friend and I grew many different flowers (especially the ones that dried well) to make flower arrangements and sell at bazaars. But that was a while back and now I'm just content to play at home in my flower beds. It's quite a challenge because Richard keeps trying to eliminate many of them when he cuts the grass with his riding lawn mower. If he had his way, there would be nothing but grass!


Thanks Sandy & Margaret.
It's fun to try to stump you guys, but Margaret I now know what I'm up against. I hope Richard sharpens his blades..
Now I will really have to hunt for a strange one.. Stay tuned.


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