Monday, August 28, 2006

What is this Bird?? (Answered)

We first spotted this fellow on the road beside the marsh. He flew
Away when he heard the car, but luckily for us, not too far so we were able to get a nice picture.

First time we have seen this bird, as opposed to his bigger cousin.

Any guesses?


(By the way, this picture and the osprey were both taken at Lake Carmi
State Park in Vermont, about 3 weeks ago)

Thanks for the Guess Pic Sherri.

I think we'll have Ed B working overtime on this one...

Sherri and family had some nice sightings on their recent outing to Vermont it seems.
Her photographs are good too but it's always difficult to estimate the size of the bird.
And a back shot always leaves one wondering what the front looks like.
There's nothing quite like having been there, eh.
I think this bird is one of the Herons and perhaps the Little blue given the clue she generously added. I'll check later to see the answer.

Cheers, Ed B.

I didn't rely on the naturalist for this one and looked it up myself. I am pretty sure it is a Green Heron. We have seen tons and tons of BlueHerons, but this was our first time seeing the Green one.

Thanks! Sherri

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Thanks Sherri

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