Friday, August 11, 2006

What's this flower (007) (Answered)

What's the one in the foreground and the background?

Hello Marston,
We have a friend visiting from Mississauga and I was not able to do my usual thing in the morning. Richard went on line and showed me the purple flowers, but when I got to go on line late at night - I guess I didn't scroll down far enough because I couldn't find them.

I think they look like Delphinium too, as Sandy, but not too sure. Your other flowers for today - in the foreground are "Monarda" (also called "Bee Balm" and the background look like "Phlox" to me.

I could be wrong about the Phlox. Margaret P.S. The visiter from Mississauga is actually the person I used to babysit for (John MacKenzie) and was living next door to Jimmy Hinks.

Thanks Margaret..

007 Foreground is Bee Balm and background is Phlox

Take care, Flo

Thanks Flo Hinks for the fun flower pics. I think we all had fun with them. I appreciate your effort to make the guess the flower a fun time.

Marty N.

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