Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's this Flower?? (Answered)

This is a double. What are the purple ones? The yellow ones have two names...

Let's see if the Grand Champion gets these...

Hi Marston, the purple flower is a Coneflower or Enchinacea. I can't see the yellow too clearly,but looks like a type of yarrow.
I'll get out in my garden and get some pics for you of some you haven't shown already.

Flo H.Good morning Marston,It's already 80 degrees F. here at 9 am. The humidity is worse. I no yike it! Well, your pink flowers are called Echinacea (nick name Purple Cone Flower). I grow them and make Echinacea tincture from the roots. Good stuff. The yellow ones in the background are hard to distinguish. Can't see the leaves well, but a guess would be Yarrow (Achillea). These are also medicinally beneficial, at least the wild white ones are. Keep cool, Margaret.

Hi Marty,

The purple flowers are called purple cone flowers & once again the yellow ones look like marigolds

We sit and watch the Monarch butterflies on our cone flowers.

Sandy R.

OK, I can't stump you guys but I'll keep trying

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