Monday, August 28, 2006

What's this flower?? (Answered)

Now this one should be a challenge..

Brenda Barfoot H. sent this one for a guess.

A hint... It come from an exotic part of the world

Hi Marston,

You know, we even have Richard guessing what your flower of the day is. He says it looks like a bird. I was thinking that the stems and leaves of the plant look very tender like those of "Impatiens" or "Balsam". If it is of that family - I wouldn't know what the specific name it would be - like "Himalayan Balsam" or whatever. I used to have growing in our garden the Balsam but the flowers that I remember were different, but it sure looks like the stems and leaves.


This Flower is a rare Parrot Flower from Thailand.

Thanks to Brenda Barfoot H. for this Jem. It seems Richard Hemingway W. came the closest to getting this one. I guess the grand champions were all away this weekend except for Margaret.....

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