Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's this flower??


Good morning Marston,
Well, I thought you had skipped out Marston. Until yesterday your blog
was stuck on Aug 12 for me. Sandy happened to tell me that she was on the
blog and it was up to date for her, so with some inquiries about "why", your
blog was brought up to date by clicking on the "refresh" or "reload". Then
I was able to read about the problem the site was having.

Just wanted to say thanks - now I know what Mulberry bushes look like.
The orange flower with the dark center looks like Black Eyed Susan
(Rudbeckia) and also the creamy coloured flowers that had no guesses are for sure " Zinnia". There are many different looking flower heads for Zinnia.
Some are formed like the full heads in your picture and then others are like
the ones that are single right below the fuller ones in your picture.

They come in a variety of colours as well and a few more forms.
By the way, your bird of the day, (Rainbow L.) was very pretty - and
very lovely shrub he's in. Really compliments him.

Thanks Margaret, you make it fun...

Hi Marston, today's flower is black-eyed susan and is the day before's a miniature Zinnia? or Bachelor Buttons?


Thanks Flo H.

Now I'm going to make it more difficult..

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