Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's this flower??

Are we stumping anyone?
I forgot to let you know that this one has been in a garden for seven years.
Tomorrow we'll give the name of this avid gardener...

Hi Marston,
Let me tell you what your blog and flower guessing does to me.
Yesterday's flower I knew was Hibiscus, but I didn't know what kind exactly so I
decided to wait until night to send in my answer and have a bit of time
to think about the specific kind.

Well..... about 1 am, out of a sound sleep, I woke up with a start and realized that I had not sent in the answer to the blog and it was already past midnight! (never did find out the type).
I must be thinking about this flower guessing even in my sleep!

The flower of Aug 22 looks like Hibiscus too. Also when did you sneak
a picture of our little dog and cat. We have duplicates here at home.
Tootsie our dog and Dudley our cat.

Hi Margaret,
I never intended to cause sleep deprivation. It is fun though and I wish I had more to challenge you guys.

The dog and cat pic came from John G. from the Park and I still have a few more puppy pics from him.

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