Friday, August 25, 2006

A Womens Request....

of course I sent them to you!...How do I get things posted on the you just post 'male' interests?...mmm?...let's get this thing female friendly, after all Canadian Tire did this successfully!..and Princess Auto! would have a lot of females blogging with just a tiny little more me, I have asked around..and then Hawkins and Bennett ( and others) would just have to swivel in their chairs and let it all sink in...maybe they (especially, that Bobby, !, we are in touch with email, he used to live across the street from me)...would learn something , even at this age, (tongue in cheek)...but , seriously, Marty, something to needs to be more female friendly..take it from me..the princess and goddess! would be eye opening, and more contact could be made with 'us', to re-iterate, what does it take to get you to post things on the blog?

Thanks Rose McM.
Rose, I try to post whatever is of interest to GPKer’s and from who sends it. As I said to you, send it and I’ll post it. Jokes are kept to a minimum, copyright material is not allowed, religious & political stuff is not acceptable as you will most certainly upset 50% of the viewers.

We do have a fair amount of women contributors and I’m sure we could use more.

So Rose, take the lead and the rest will follow. Thanks for following our blog and I hope to post your items along with other female friendly articles.

Marty North

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