Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yesterday while driving

Yesterday while driving in the countryside I stopped to pick a bouquet
of goldenrod, also later to pick up a Monarch butterfly that had been
hit by another passing car.

This is the time of year monarchs start migrating.
I'm interested in monarch butterflies as one year I participated in
tagging them. While I was picking it up look what ran pass the back of
my car.

The monarch was still alive but not for long. I brought it home to put
it in my (Little Alley Garden) so it could rest in peace. But before I
did I let my Pooh have a look, then Miss Daisy. Ha-ha
Daisy was not impressed as she could not eat it, she looked at me
like..... get that thing off me.

Tagging and learning about the monarchs was interesting, if you would
like to know more check out
When I participated in the tagging, it was the new improved tagging
method it was at Presqu'ile Park in Ont.


Thanks Bev

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