Monday, September 04, 2006

About right

About right!
A woman called a local hospital. "Hello. Could you
connect me to the person who gives information about
patients. I'd like to find out if a family member is
doing better."

The voice on the other end said, "What is the
patient's name and room number?"

"Sarah Finkel, room 302."
"I'll connect you with the nursing station."

"3-A Nursing Station. How can I help You?"

"I'd like to know the condition of Sarah Finkel in
room 302."

"Are you a family member?"

"Yes, Yes I am.."

"Hold on.. let me look at her records... Mrs. Finkel
is doing very well. In fact, she's had two full meals,
her blood pressure is fine, she is to be taken off the
heart monitor in a couple of hours and, if she
continues this improvement, looks like Dr. Cohen is
going to send her home very soon!"

The woman said, "What a relief! Oh, that's
fantastic... that's wonderful news!"
The nurse said, "From your enthusiasm, I take it you
are a sister or perhaps an aunt..?"

I'm Sarah Finkel in 302!.. and NOBODY here ever tells me sh#t!!"

Thanks Bernie C.

GOOD TIP......

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