Friday, September 01, 2006

From Montana

Hello Marty,
Bet you don't get too many emails from Montana! Well, my niece in Greenfield Park, just sent me this website.. and so, I thought I would drop a note to you. Mainly wondering about the date "January 2007" .. I think that is an error. Anyways.. I grew up in Greenfield Park, attended Royal George High School. Did not graduate.. but should have been in class of 1969. I think. I lived on Springfield Ave, and walked to school all my life! I was married in 1971, to an American, and left Canada. Have been in Montana ever since! Long way from home.. and always looking for old friends. I don't see too many on your site that I know.. but maybe one will lead to another. Thanks for having the website!
Sincerely, Linda Fleming
Hi Linda

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