Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hail and Lightning Damage Departing Calgary

The attached photo's provide a graphic example of the impact of lightning and hail on a cargo jet (727). The event occurred during the evening hours of August 10, 2006 while the jet was enroute to Minneapolis from Calgary .
Details are sketchy.
Here is an excerpt of a TC report on the incident:
The pilot advised of a lightening strike resulting in a cracked window. The aircraft returned to Calgary and landed safely at 03:00Z. There was no operational impact.

UPDATE: 727 was operating a flight from Calgary , AB to Minneapolis , MN . While in cruise at FL300 after departing Calgary , a thunderstorm was encountered with severe turbulence, heavy hail and lightening. The windshields, nose section and radome, radar, wing leading edges, engine inlets, etc were damaged.
The crew initiated emergency procedures and began a descent. ATC was contacted, an emergency was declared, and the aircraft was cleared for a return to Calgary for an uneventful landing. The aircraft remains in Calgary while the operator arranges for a ferry flight to their overhaul facility.
The crew lost all radar and lights (except the landing gear lights).

Thanks Barry & Louise D.

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