Monday, September 18, 2006


Here is a picture of our wonderful dog, Jackal. She was attacked on Friday night in Greenfield Park while being walked on her leash, by two dogs that were running free without leashes or owners. She died as a direct result of her injurys. The Police did nothing, We have always walked our dog on a leash (with respect to the laws which I thought were in place) We need peoples help and support to get these laws inforced, not only do these laws protect our human population, but also those of our beloved pets.

Great saddness is in our household, we have lost an important family member for no reason than someone elses irresponiablty. Please if you are a pet owner be responsible, and to everyone out there if you see a dog running free, report it to the police and the owner if possible. We will continue our fight to get this law is enforced but we need help. Jackel (Bobbie) will be saddly missed by all that knew her, she was a gentle and loving
friend to many children in Greenfield Park.
Thankyou all for this opportunity to express myself
Gratefully yours
The Languay-Mergaert Potvin Family

Thanks Jeanett
Sorry for your loss...
Pets are family too

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