Friday, September 01, 2006

Kind Words

Hi Marty,

I don't have as much time for my computer as I did a while back but you can rest assured that the 1st thing I do, after I check the mail for the reunion is check onto the blog to see if I have missed anything, and I always have.

Don't ever feel that we don't appreciate everything you do to try and keep the Gpk. folks connected. I even made a new friend in Margaret Werenchuk. I only knew who she was by sight when we were kids but your " Name that Flower" contest got us writing back and forth, which reminds me I owe her an answer.

So for todays name that animal, would it be an Emu ?? There are some at the local zoo nad they look like the same species.

Another couple of APBs . If anyone knows where Mary Rollins and /or Darla Webb are, could you let me know.

Take Care Buddy and we will see you soon

Thanks Sandy…
Your kind words make it even more fun for me than you think, I try to make it OUR site and that it belongs to all contributors. Each person is an owner so to speak. Let’s just keep having fun buddy

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