Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Vacation Pics from our Prairie Moment Man

The story is below... Great vacation pics

Hi again
As you can see , there are some spectacular views, high tressels and beautiful valleys. The gold miners had to haul every thing they owned up through here on their backs. Parts of the trail can still be seen. The trail wanders across the American Yukon border several times.The Mounties insisted they must have 2000 lbs worth of gear to survive or they would not be let into Canada and they stood guard at the top of the trail. Some had to make 40 trips up and down, to comply. Naturally, in true Canadian style, they were charged import duties on the lot . By the time the railway was complete, the gold rush was over. Still it continued to operate until about 1955. It has had a revival with modern tourists and I can see why. Even though the train now covers only a small portion of the original line, its well worth it.. In one photo you will see Chilkoot trail hikers boarding for a ride back to Skagway after an arduous week climbing upwards. Two concrete helicopter pads are visable behind them for those who can afford to fly back. Advise any one going to book ahead as all the seats on the two trains we saw were filled.
When we get back from Edmonton, we will send a few pictures about the steam paddle ships that took the miners from Whitehorse to Dawson
Cheers for now

Thanks for sharing these great pics of your vacation Doug G. Makes one want to go there…

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