Thursday, September 14, 2006

Name this Bird (Answered)

Hi Marston,
This bird hit our window this summer and was stunned for a while. Would
anyone know what kind of bird it is. Whatever it is, I think it's
beautiful. I haven't seen one like this before. Marg

Thanks Margaret

I think it is a woodpecker but I don't know it's name..Margaret's bird is a woodpecker, a Northern Flicker. We see lots here west of the Rockies that have red-shafted wings and tails. Her's is yellow-shafted. Yes, they are quite colourful.

I also spent summer holidays in Rawdon for years, renting many different cabins. Do you remember Darwin Falls? How about Pete's, the teenage burgers in town!....and then there was the second beach....

Flo H.

The bird pictured in todays blog is a Flicker, in B.C. they are almost as common as robins. We have them in our garden on a daily basis summer and winter.
Bev N.

Hi Marty
The bird in question is a Yellow Shafted Flicker.
Very common in this area. It is often seen on lawns feeding on insects above and below the surface.
George V.

The bird that Margaret was asking about is indeed a type of woodpecker. It is a Northern Flicker specifically a Yellow-shafted Flicker. There is one that generally drops in for a day or two each year to feed on my lawn in Greenfield Park. A few years age when visiting a relative in Saskatoon we saw a flock of them on the prairie outside the city.
Lloyd Brereton

Thanks Folks

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