Saturday, September 23, 2006

News from Bev V.


Boy I'm real sorry but due to a few difficulties I just can make it
this week end, but do wish you all a joyful
memorable time.

To help comfort me from not thinking about what I'm missing, I will be
restoring this very old bear a Dutch lady brought today for me to restore.

For many years I have given bears to comfort others. (Good Bears of
The World) Now I have one to comfort me....I think!!!


Hi Bev. Sorry your not here, we are having a lot of fun. We spent the afternoon with Heather Gibb family with Sandy and Brian R. Heather's Mom kept us in stitches all afternoon.

Heather Cooper had us all over for a BBQ and her and her husband showed all of us great hospitality.

Marty N.

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