Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One woman Two hands One bulb at a time


One woman - Two hands - One bulb at a time.

Every time I have seen flowers and now flower gardens on the North (GP)
blog I think about "The Daffodil Principle." You can find the short
story at www.llerrah.com/daffodilprinciple.htm A Pooh Bear friend sent it to me.

Now about flowers; this month I suggested to the members of our "Polar
Hugg-a-Bear Club," that we all make a bear wearing a printed dress with
our birth month flower....not really knowing mine was the daffodil, but
I did know my birthstone.

Now most of us are on a treasure hunt for a fabric with our birth month
flower. I have given a few a nightmare as they are having a problem
finding their flower prints, like the (Gladiola) print for one. I did
find a daffodil print in a little fabric store here in Campbellford.

As for the (Daffodil Principle) I know many of us do this without
realizing what we have accomplish, if not it's never to late to start.

0001: The cover of the book.

P4150702: Daisy with a look like, I don't want to be with all these

P4150705: Don't tell me you see more!!!

PS... When I finish my (Daffodil Bear) I will email a picture, also the
members bears..if I get the OK.

BOY!!! It's great to have a hobby, keeps me out of trouble (RIGHT).

Enjoy your day.
Bear Hugs,

Thanks Bev V.

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