Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pears from Ottawa

Hi Marty, in the old days , many people in The Park had fairly large gardens from which they harvested and canned or stored in buckets of sand in the cellar, much produce, for use during the winter. My dad had one of those large gardens which Jim and I used to have to weed weekly before getting our allowance.

He was continually adding to the garden and one year although we already had strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants,green gages plums, and a magnificent transparent apple tree. Amazingly, the apple tree never got raided by the local ruffians, perhaps because Jim and I were members of that group of apple thieves, or it may have been because my collie dog Laddie was a pretty good watchdog.

Anyway one year my dad decided to add to the supply of produce by purchasing another apple tree(this one was unique as it had five types of apple grafted to the root stock) and a pear tree. The apple tree was quite prolific and did indeed produce 5 different types of apple . The pear tree also produced fruit in spite of a large number of naysayers who said it wouldn't happen but was not as bountiful as the other fruit trees.

Three years ago ,to prove that the acorn never falls far from the oak I decided that if my old man could grow pears in Montreal in the late 1940's I should be able to do it in Ottawa in the 2000's. The first summer after planting ,blooms but no fruit, the second summer blooms but a late frost killed off the blooms before they could be pollinated , again no fruit .

This year the planets all lined up correctly and the attached picture is the first seven of approximately 25 pears that have made it through. JMcC

Thanks John McC.
Good to see you back on the blog..

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