Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ron Smith Memorial

8th Hole???
Prize Table

Hi Marston,
Here are a bunch of pictures from last Friday,s Ron Smith Memorial GFP
fall tournament. A big thanks to Trevor Mead and Mike Savage , just
some of the people organizing the tournament. The weather co-operated this
time around. Grey with no rain for the first 10-12 holes and sunshine to end
it all, with the temperature arond 22 .

We had a good day. I was teamed up with team CAPTAIN Ralph Billings, Al
Briand(GFP resident) and Alan Houle(first time paticipant). I am
pleased to report that we did really well. Ralph had a plan and it worked to a
tee. We had a team 1 handicap and didn't even come close on low gross.
But we reallyjust lucked out on the low net finishing at -8 in our category
second to Wayne Robinson's team -9. Each member of our team
contibuted to the effort, but Ralph was just awesome (animal like) the way he was
hitting the ball. Drives of 320 and outstanding approach shots. We had
a fun time and of course refreshments were enjoyed by all. Spaghetti and
more refreshments at Scottyz topped off a wonderful day.

#1 Getting ready to file out to starting holes

#2 Left to Right- Alan Houle, Ivan, Ralph Billings, Al Briand

#3 Al Briand Driving

#4 Ralph driving

#5 Soft greens. Ball Plugged

#6 Ralph was tired. Went fishing

#7 Al Briand getting our final birdie, with Ralph still fishing in

#8 Trevor's group on a par 3

#9 Volunteers

#10 Terrace refreshments

#11 Ross Morley

#12 Fred Goodall

#13 Trevor, Mike Savage , John Mc , Jim Hynes at Scottyz (lousy

#14 Le Davis table at Scottyz (lousy picture)

#15 Len + Berinie at Scottyz (lousy picture)

My camera was set for nightime pictures and I didn't check till I got
home. Hence the lousy indoor pictures. I hope Alan Houle counted the
stops from Lacolle to Scottyz. (First one was in LaPrairie)

Looking forward to seeing friends on Friday this week.

Sorry guys but some of the text did not match some of the pictures

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