Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today's Animal is Bart

Hi Marty,

Here is a picture of Bart, our cat. Bart is no longer with us however, he is probably the most favourably remembered animal we have ever had. Like some people, who come into your life and leave a lasting memory, this special friend did as well.

Growing up I was never really fond of cats but rather preferred the warmth and affection displayed by mans best friend, the dog.

Bart certainly changed my mind. He had affection for each family member and displayed it in different ways making us all feel special.

With me the routine was to lay at my feet first thing in the morning, roll over on his back and wait for me to scratch his belly. With Pat he would go to bed with her and lay on her stomach while she read. He would stretch out his paw and carress her cheek. When Megan sat in the livingroom he would climb up on her lap stetch up her torso and rest his head on her shoulder, while with Jason he would lay on his back on Jasons knees and have his belly rubbed.

He never failed to say good night to each of us in his own special way.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

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